Now photoshoot sessions also IN ENGLISH!

All our photoshoot sessions cost only 75e!

Price includes diverse studio or outdoor photoshoot and a web photogallery for ordering. So whether it's a family, graduation, confirmation, newborn, dog or an entire generation photography session, the price is the same. The price of children photography also includes family photography if desired and we do not charge separately for sibling photography either.

After the diverse photoshoot you'll get a wide selection of photos on a web gallery from which you can choose your order.

Product pricing, product catalog and our contact information are found from below.

All of our photographers have completed at least a basic or professional degree in Photography. Most of us has at least 10 years experience of photoshooting. So you are in a youthful but skilled hands!

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The photoshoot price (75e) includes a wide selection of photos on a web gallery from which you can choose ready-made image products according to our price list:

Top quality paper images.
Wall ready CANVAS painting.
Stunning collage of pictures.
Thank you cards.
OR even framed photos.

IMAGE FILES Files are priced according to size, just like real paper images. The file size corresponds to the size from which a photo can be made (at maximum) with excellent quality. When you buy a file, you get free use of it - as well as printing rights. You are free to make images in any place you want, a quantity you want and you can also share the image in a social media. One shot / image = one file.

Size price

10x13cm 20e
14x18cm 25e
20x25cm 30e
30x40cm 40e
40x50cm 50e
50x60cm 60e
60x80cm 70e

All sizes are possible, these are other common sizes e.g.
10x15cm 20e
13x18cm 25e
20x30cm 30e
30x30cm 40e
40x40cm 50e
50x50cm 60e

The files are delivered with a print resolution of 300 ppi in jpg format. Pixel dimensions 10x13 cm -> 1181x1535 pix, 14x18 cm -> 1654x2126 pix, etc.

FILE PACKAGES when ordering more than 20 files, you get a package discount

10x13cm / 10x15cm
20pcs 350e (400e)
30pcs 475e (600e)
60pcs 900e (1200e)

14x18cm / 13x18cm
20pcs 450e (500e)
30pcs 550e (750e)
60pcs 1000e (1500e)

20x25cm / 20x30cm
20pcs 550e
30pcs 700e
60pcs 1100e

For advertising use (without logo), the files are sold under a separate agreement. The logo is a small, signature of the photographer on the edge of the image.

Photos are high-quality photographs developed in a photo laboratory using traditional developments, not prints. The development method guarantees the quality and long life of the images. Images are available in just about any size, below our standard size with prices. * Fast subscriber benefit, see details below.

Size price / pc
10x13cm 15e / 12e * / 9e *
14x18cm 20e / 16e * / 12e *
20x25cm 25e
30x40cm 60e
40x50cm 90e
50x60cm 120e
60x80cm 150e

In the two smallest sizes (10x13cm and 14x18cm), the images are automatically glued to the cardboard bases.

These are other common standard sizes
10x15cm 15e / 12e * / 9e *
13x18cm 20e / 16e * / 12e *
20x30cm 25e
30x30cm 60e
40x40cm 90e

Smaller pictures possible (Minimum price 15e / piece), larger pictures can be more than a meter in size, ask for prices!

FAST SUBSCRIBER BENEFIT * When you place an order within one month of receiving the proofs, you are entitled to the benefit of a fast subscriber. The advantage of a fast subscriber is that you get the following photos of the same size from the SAME SAMPLE at a 20-40% discount.

Stunning interior elements, images printed on canvas. All sizes possible, even larger.
Size price pcs

20x25 80e
30x40 110e
40x50 140e
50x60 170e
60x80 200e

In collages, you can combine several images into a one picture. The price of the collage consists the number of images and the "size of the blank Image base". Collages are available either in file or as ready-made image.

FRAME COLLAGES with white display frame
- collage with 2 10x15 cm pictures, frame 17.5x39 cm 50e
- collage with 3 10x15 cm pictures, frame 17.5x55.5 cm 60e

THANK YOU / CHRISTMAS CARDS 10x15 cm picture glued to the cardboard + envelope. You can wish for any kind of text on the card. However, some text always appears on the card. The minimum order quantity is 5 pcs / picture.

The price of the card is 5e / piece when ordering more than 30 pieces from the same picture. As a file * 40e

As a card 5 e / each (when the order quantity is 5-30 pcs)
As a card 4 e / each (when the order quantity is more than 30)


Studio Dettani - - Mäkikatu 84, 33250 Tampere. 
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